Bush Fire Survivor

Bushbaby Survivor — Feature Painting (c) L.M. Kling 2021

Been a busy week. I’m on holidays and the last week has been busier than ever.

So, capturing the memories of this find: The discovery of this “bushbaby” a baby possum that had survived the 1983 bush fires in the Adelaide Hills.

More on this story later…

“Bushbaby Survivor” painted in pastel, may be, in the next couple of weeks, exhibited at the Brews and Views cafe in the Marino Community Hall where my art group (Marion Art Group) meets for studio sessions every Monday morning.

Check out my art work page in Tru-Kling Creations’ Art Gallery.

Also you may like to view more of my art on Gallery247.

(c) Lee-Anne Marie Kling 2021


Or, if you miss the stories of Travel and Adventure in Central Australia…

Click on the link and download your kindle copy of my travel memoir,

Trekking with the T-Team: Central Australian Safari. (Australia)

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